Affiliate Information

Thank you for your interest in the TURNER Affiliate program! Our affiliate program is free & easy! In a nutshell, the Affiliate program enables members to earn credits towards their favorite TURNER products by referring customerswho purchase world-class TURNER products.

How do I direct people to the TURNER website?

Once you have your affiliate number you are ready to begin! You can post on social media, call your friends and family, make a flyer, throw a TURNER party, the possibilities are endless!

Let’s Talk Credits!

It’s simple, you will receive a credit equal to 10% of the product subtotal for every order that you refer to TURNER. This credits are earned on a “credit-per-sale” basis. When your customer places an order, they will be asked for your name or affiliate number, this will ensure that we credit the sale to correct affiliate. You may email at any time to check on the status of your prospects or to check your credit balance.

That’s a lot of information, how’s it all tracked?

The TURNER Customer Care Team will keep track of all customers that order and who referred them. If the “referred from” field is not filled out, the TURNER Customer Care Team will attempt to contact the customer to find out who referred them, but to prevent delays and to ensure you receive credit, please remind your customers to fill out this field when ordering.


But wait, isn’t it called a “win-win” situation? Not this time. Everybody wins with TURNER’s Affiliate program:

  • YOU win because you are able to earn credits for the TURNER products that you love!
  • TURNER wins because you send us customers we wouldn’t otherwise get.
  • The customer wins because you get to share with them the source for the finest, cleanest, tastiest products on the planet!

Let’s do this!

If you are interested in getting involved in the TURNER affiliate program, simply REGISTER below. Upon review and approval of your application we will contact you with your affiliate number and you can start referring!