100% Pure

New Zealand stands for pure and clean. If you want world-class quality, if you demand the very best, if you desire pure and clean then it always starts at the Source. New Zealand is the source. FREZZOR embodies the best of New Zealand.

The Youngest Country on Earth

New Zealand, the youngest and freshest country on Earth, where the air is pure, the soil is rich, and the ocean is clean. This verdant wild environment is the home of FREZZOR. The last organic sustainable farm on the planet.


New Zealand waters are the cleanest and purest on the planetbecause of the remote location and strict government regulations. The water isconstantly monitored and tested to ensure that all marine life is the highestquality in the world. A heavy emphasis is also put on sustainability practicesto ensure that New Zealand’s ecosystem continues to thrive for decades to come.

Free-Range Collection


New Zealand pastures are unique that they are able toprovide live grass year round for the livestock. The temperature ismoderate and not susceptible to the harsh extremes, this enables the cows,sheep, and deer the ability to be free range and live grass-fed like natureintended. No hormones or antibiotics are used so you can feel comfortablethat you are consuming the cleanest, healthiest meat on the planet.


100% New Zealand

People who live in the 21st Century are dying from their toxic, polluted, sugar-loaded, processed and chemically-contaminated diet, and they know it. New Zealand is the modern Garden of Eden: it remains untouched by the pollutions and corruptions that affect the vitality of human health and energy. TURNER brings the best of fresh, pollution-free, wild-caught seafood and organic, GMO-free, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, free-range meats from New Zealand that is second-to-none, and makes it available to people who are committed to be all that they can be in their daily health and habits.