How Does Collagen Protein Help Injury Recovery?

How Does Collagen Protein Help Injury Recovery? - TURNER New Zealand

If you find yourself laid-up after a workout has gone wrong, you may already know the frustration of knowing just how long it can take for tendons and ligaments to heal. Involved in every move that we make, recovery is often slow and complicated. Often, this turtle's pace is what makes many people -- including professional athletes -- turn to supplements.

What difference do supplements make?

Supplements can provide your body with the extra strength and energy that it needs to repair itself. When it comes to something as slow and energy-consuming as tendon or ligament recovery, the more you can speed it up, the better. The power you seek is waiting in TURNER New Zealand collagen protein supplements. How? Take a look.

How does collagen protein help injury recovery?

Collagen is an amino acid. Amino acids are considered building blocks in the body and essentially have a role in everything, including protein production. Supplemented collagen protein can help add extra power to the body's core functions and helps promote and manage cartilage, ligament, tendon, muscle, and bone health. As an injury recovery supplement, this is the leader of the pack. Science helps show that in detail.

What science supports collagen protein for injury recovery?

Collagen is produced naturally daily. This is what keeps joints and muscles strong. When an injury occurs in the body, a switch flipped within the body changes collagen production.

Since the body is working to help recover from a wound, it will start producing additional collagen on top of its normal collagen. From there, it's sent to where it's needed most. This implies both the amount of collagen, but also the actual type of collagen itself.

Multiple types of collagen are produced to help ease and accelerate healing and then sent directly to the recovery site. The types are chosen based on what is needed for the recovery.

Type III collagen, for example, takes on the responsibility of stabilizing the repair site by creating crosslinks. While Type III is just one of the types, that amount of it, and its direct connection to recovery, is different from daily life when it comes to collagen use.

Fuel your body naturally

Instead of simply filling yourself with painkillers and waiting it out, fuel your body by relying on TURNER New Zealand collagen protein supplements. These will offer you the full spectrum of your favorite amino acids, but they will be all from one source, unlike the other options out there. Relying on live, grass-fed New Zealand cattle only, these supplements will naturally speed up the recovery process to help you get back to routine faster. From a torn bicep to a pulled tendon, collagen protein offers up support for the body however it's needed.

Offering products designed to energize and support the body naturally, TURNER is a brand that uses real science to help anyone who wants it. Relying on sustainably sourced ingredients from the pristine New Zealand environment, every product is an example of nutrition done right.

Give your body a boost by supplementing it in ways that it can use to help you feel better faster. From surgery to injury and everything in between, the proper support goes a long way to getting you back up on your feet!