Noel Turner. The Man. The Passion. The Dream

Noel Turner lives a life of integrity. Authentic. Enduring. Compelling. Relentless. Dedicated to Perfection. His commitment to excellence has been observed by thousands. His passion and energy moves each of us. His passion is to share his health and wellness philosophy for you to live and enjoy life to its fullest.

Noel was born in 1955 in humble surroundings in the seaside town of Wanganui, New Zealand. He grew up on the ocean and land in New Zealand and left school at the age of 16 to go fishing full-time and has gone on to build global businesses in the all-natural organic food and wellness sectors supplying retail stores, restaurants, hotels and consumers around the world.

The Life of Noel Turner

Left School, entered fishing business full-time and the journey began.

Was among a handful of people to pioneer the Greenlip Mussel industry in New Zealand. Farmed Greenlip Mussels for both the food sector and their anti-inflammatory properties to produce Omega-3 capsules.

Noel was ahead of his time with his anti-inflammatory supplement vision, focused on gourmet sector till the world caught up.

Exported the first container of Greenlip Mussels out of New Zealand to the USA.

Move to USA full-time to promote TURNER Mussels (gourmet NZ Greenlip Mussels).

Was first company to brand a seafood item in a retail store "fresh case" in USA - TURNER Mussels. From 1986 to 2000, Noel visited over 10,000 restaurants throughout USA and Europe promoting the TURNER New Zealand Greenlip Mussel.

Was first company to brand a seafood item on a menu in restaurants in USA - TURNER Mussels.

Introduced and pioneered the whole shell TURNER Mussels to USA and Europe.

Was first company to brand New Zealand Calamari in restaurants in USA - TURNER Calamari.

Moved to Europe full-time to promote TURNER Mussels.

Noel Turner purchases Artesian Water Estate in Wanganui New Zealand to package high-quality silica-rich artesian water with a natural 8.1 PH for the world.

Was first company to brand New Zealand King Salmon in restaurants in USA - TURNER King Salmon.

Was first company to brand "live grass-fed" Omega-3 beef in restaurants in USA - TURNER Beef.

Noel Turner continued with development of his Greenlip Mussel supplement and Network Marketing Business Model.

Noel Turner went full-time developing, funding, formulating his Omega-3 product and Network Marketing Business Model.

Opened first authentic ORGANIC restuarant in USA, TURNER New Zealand Steakhouse & Seafood house. Awarded 5-star 5-diamond status.

Noel Turner launched first Omega-3 wellness product onto the USA, Europe and New Zealand markets.

Noel Turner launched the first 100% all-natural New Zealand human-performance drink - FREEDOM - to the world.

Noel Turner prepares to launch TURNER New Zealand Artesian Water to the world.


1971 to Present, Noel Turner continues with his vision of bringing the purest and highest-quality wellness and nutritional products from New Zealand to the world.